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Lives less ordinary: meet the past life regression specialist

Posted at 4:00 pm, February 15, 2012 in News

Liz Vincent

London is jam-packed full of people who make a unique contribution to our city. This week we talk to Liz Vincent, past life regression specialist.

‘By going into past lives, we can work up people’s deepest emotions so that they can let them go,’ explains Liz Vincent as she prepares to hypnotise me. She moves across her light-filled Harley Street office and presses ‘play’ on a CD of ambient synth noises. ‘If, for example, you’ve always had a difficult relationship with your father, you might have known him in a past life where you’ve done something to him – like stab him.’

She instructs me to lie down on a suede medical couch and starts soothingly encouraging me to breathe deeply. I’m told to relax and imagine ‘a white light’ filling my body. After  five minutes, Vincent counts down from 11 to one and urges me to envisage being transported to a ‘safe place, like a beautiful garden with magnificent flowers’. I’m now half awake, half asleep, with images flickering behind my eyelids. Vincent tells me to step through a doorway into a corridor filled with doors, each of which, she explains, will lead me into a past life. I pick a door and step through it. ‘What have you got on your feet?’ she asks. Pause. ‘I don’t know.’ ‘But if you were to know, what comes into your head?’ She clicks her fingers. ‘Black shoes.’ From there, she encourages me to focus on little details of my surroundings until I’ve built up a picture of a big room in a stately home. I get an image of myself as an elderly, suited gent. ‘What’s your name?’ Pause. ‘I don’t know’. ‘But if you did know, what name comes to mind?’ Click. ‘Jeremiah.’ Jeremiah, it turns out through further probing, is a single gentleman of leisure living in 1868.

‘Let’s return to the corridor and try another door,’ Vincent urges, soothingly. ‘Remember, this is about finding lifetimes that will help Alexi find out more about himself,’ she says, now apparently addressing my soul. The next door leads me to the life of Polly, who lives in London and has two children. The year is 1858 (later I will ponder how this is possible if Jeremiah was living in 1868). ‘If we’ve been taken into this lifetime, perhaps there’s something we need to see or understand or resolve. Where do we need to go, Polly, to learn a bit more?’ A long silence follows. ‘Do we need to go further forward?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Well, there may not be anything else we need to see. Is there?’ ‘No.’

Next, Vincent leads me into the life of John, a ‘grouse keeper’ in ‘northern England’. She skips me to the end of John’s life and finds out that John ‘stays in the woods’. Vincent urges John to ‘completely and unconditionally’ forgive himself and to ‘go into the light’. Her work is done. I come round feeling bleary.

‘That’s very powerful, powerful stuff,’ explains Vincent. But, erm, what qualifies her to do it? ‘I’ve done teacher-training courses, trained in hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and lots of types of alternative healing. I did something called tapion which uses crystal bars to bring up the pain and release it – and that’s based on quantum physics.’ But has she ever been regressed? ‘Oh yes’. And? ‘Over and over and again, I’ve found out I’m a doctor.’ Not in the present, though? ‘I think in this lifetime I was meant to come at it from a different angle.’ Well, she’s certainly done that. Alexi Duggins

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