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Break a world record by going hopping mad with Michael Palin

Posted at 2:30 pm, February 21, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Hopping mad

‘I’ll never forget the day of the hop.’ Nearly 40 years after it was first broadcast; Michael Palin and Terry Jones aim to recreate the same grueling 30 mile hop featured in ‘Tomkinson’s School days’. Well not quite. Graybridge’s iconic hopping race against St Anthony’s local public Buddhist school has been cut down to a mere 400m, with a 400m relay hop thrown in for fun. Palin and Jones who’ll be awarding prizes on the day, are looking to recruit members of the public on Saturday March 3 to set a new hopping Guinness World Record at the Grade 1-listed Hampstead Heath Athletics track. To break the record they’ll need at least 250 people to participate in the largest hopathon and a time of seven minutes to achieve the fastest 400m hop. Hoppers must be over 18 and in sprightly physical health. Register now for the big jump.

For info or to register, hop along to facebook.com/NetworkDVD

For a reminder of the Ripping Yards hopathon, see below:

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