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Would you date this guy?

Posted at 3:30 pm, February 22, 2012 in News

Meet Andrew. He is just a regular single guy who works in marketing and finds it tough to approach girls. So he has set himself a challenge in which he will be handing out cards to lovely ladies up to February 29, when he’ll be standing like a lost puppy outside Spitalfields Market from 8am-8pm waiting for women to approach him. Anyone who does go up to him will be in for a surprise (no amount of probing would get him to tell us what). But ‘why, whyyyyy?’ I hear you cry. ‘What is he selling? What does he want from me?!’ Apparently the answer is nothing at all, just to be chatted to. He had the idea and decided to go for it, claiming ‘I should be able to market anything, including myself!’ Crazy idea? Wild self promotion? Desperation?! Whatever it is, we have been discussing it for the last 20 minutes in the office so the idea obviously is a good talking point. Meeting people in this city is tough and it is much more original than joining match.com so for that we salute him. Good luck Andrew. May you meet the woman of your dreams and not freeze to death underneath that goat statue in Spitalfields.

For info, see andrew29th.com.

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