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Rumble in the jumble for International Women’s Day

Posted at 3:15 pm, February 25, 2012 in Shopping & Style
Rumble in the Jumble

International Women’s Day might not be for a few weeks yet but it’s nice to see a host of super successful ladies lining up already to give a little back for Oxfam’s ‘Rumble: Celebrity get together’ for International Women’s Day’. Caroline Flack, Dawn Porter, Kate Nash, Sarah Cox and a host of other lovely ladies will be at at St Pancras Old Church on Sunday February 26 for a mega jumble sale. Entry costs just two of your good English pounds but a bag of your own jumble is essential (with any leftovers being donated to Oxfam). Dawn Porter wrote, and we can only assume that capitalisation denotes enthusiasm here; ‘we’re going to raise LOADS of money for Oxfam to help women around the world. So bring your jumble, buy some jumble, have a jumble…LET’S JUMBLE!!’ You heard the lady, go go go.

For info, see oxfam.com.

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