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Five cool London offices that make business a pleasure

Posted at 1:00 pm, February 27, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
Google's London offices (Photo courtesy Penson)

Fond as we are of our own luxurious headquarters, we thought we’d see how we stack up against some of London’s swankest workplaces. Click through to check out some of the most enviable offices in London

Google‘s London HQ got a seriously sci-fi upgrade by Penson late last year. These shots might look like they’re of a distant space station orbiting Andromeda, but they’re actually in a office block next to Victoria station.  ‘Flight pods’ (or meeting rooms to us mortals) are walled with whiteboards, plus there are all the music, game and chill-out rooms you’d expect from a company with more money than God.

Google, London Offices (Photo courtesy of Penson)
Google's London offices (Photo courtesy Penson)
Google's London offices (Photo courtesy Penson)

The Macquarie Group
offices (by Clive Wilkinson Architects, photos courtesy Riddle-Stagg) have big, glowing red stairs floating in the middle, creating a slightly ‘M.C Escher’ effect:

Macquarie Group Offices Macquarie Group Offices 2

Mind Candy
(the folks behind kids craze Moshi Monsters) have chosen the natural over the futuristic in their Shoreditch offices. We especially love their treehouse:

Mind Candy office treehouse Mind Candy office treehouse, inside

Forward Internet Group‘s Camden offices feature some extra-classy touches, including a meeting room that looks a bit like it’s from a dream sequence, and a cosy amphitheatre:

Forward Internet Group's "Matrix Room"

Photo: Mel Yates

Forward Internet Group's office "amphitheatre"

Photo: James Carnegie

Innocent Drinks haven’t spared their cute trademark love-it-or-loathe-it copywriting at their Kensal Green HQ…

The door (well, from their former offices) :

Innocent Drinks HQ door

The doormat:

Innocent Drinks doormat. (Photo: Innocent)

And here’s the verdant communal area:

(c) Innocent Drinks

Meanwhile, here at Time Out Towers, we boast the double-threat of our much-loved neon sign:

Neon Time Out Sign
And our lively carpeting scheme, from the Bad Trip ’91 range:

Time Out Carpet

That said, the view can be quite nice sometimes…

View from the Time Out offices over the British Museum

Got a cool office- or a super-depressing one? Either way, we want to see it, so Tweet us, post it on our Facebook wall, share it in our Flickr group or, y’know, just send us an email. – Guy Parsons

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