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Carpe leap-diem: five things to do with your extra day

Posted at 8:30 am, February 29, 2012 in News

London RIB VoyagesYou may not know who Pope Gregory XIII is, but thanks to him, you’ve got an extra day thrown in this month. What will you do with it? Well, you could make a fiendishly early start on you tax returns, then staple two single duvets together to make a giant padded spacesuit before sharpening all the pencils in the house. Sure, you could. Before you end up wasting your entire day with a load of old nothing, here are five ideas of ways to spend that extra day.

London RIB Voyages (above) are offering free tickets on their newly transformed love boats to any lady planning to propose on 29 Feb; incidentally this is ideal because if he says no you can just push him overboard. In keeping with the Thames theme, the London aquarium are offering a similar service, whereby a diver will swim up to you with a personalised, and hopefully waterproof sign popping the question.

Get busy
This is the prefect time to make a start on timeout’s top 101 things to do in London. Sure it’s ambitious, but not impossible and you don’t have to do them all in a day. Ben Wallace has admirably taken up the challenge and is attempting to get them all done before the Olympics. Ben, we salute you.

Go outdoors
With spring now firmly on the horizon, it’s officially ridiculous to still be afraid of going outdoors so get yourself down to one of London’s city farms for a frolic with the animals. For Eastenders we recommend Hackney City  farm (mainly for its giant orange pigs) while Surrey Docks farm in Rotherhithe is an excellent alternative for anyone south of the river – and they both have excellent cafes.

Sack off work for a massive pub crawl. Since it’s a day you never had in the first place why bother remembering it. Check out our pub listings for inspiration.

Go to work
This is probably the most sensible of our recommendations – what with it being a Wednesday. Don’t worry though, as work is the perfect opportunity to get on to the important business of sharpening all the office pencils. Carpe leap-diem indeed.

Go visit Andrew
Ok so, this is the sixth one but ladies, we needed to remind you to go pay Andrew a visit in Spitalfields today. He is waiting for you with a surprise. Don’t tell us you aren’t curious! Didi Mae Hand

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