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Clean up on aisle 4: Climate Rush come to Waitrose

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 7, 2012 in News

We love you Waitrose ©JimJeppsProtests don’t come much more middle class than this, as campaigners descended on- wait for it, Waitrose. That’s right folks, last night Climate Rush took to the aisles in a bid to dissolve the nascent and as they see it downright nasty partnership between ‘the lovely Waitrose’ and ‘super-polluters Shell’. The activists politely marched down the oil aisle, past the fair trade Balsamic and organic extra virgin and out the sliding glass doors as shoppers ladened with wholesome produce and fat free ready meals watched on in bemusement.  Through a series of localised protests, Climate Rush aims to assert sufficient pressure on Waitrose and parent company John Lewis to convince them to terminate a partnership with the oil conglomerate before, ‘it goes too far’. The partnership is a double blow for campaigners who’ve long seen shopping at Waitrose, with its moss green logo, ethical standards and ongoing efforts towards sustainability as a way to ‘love the planet’. Shell on the other hand has a track record streaked with human rights abuses, oil spills and carbon emissions; it’s sort of like losing your first girlfriend to a boy who deliberately litters in the children’s playground – but incidentally is also very rich. Didi Mae Hand

Catch Climate Rush at their letter-writing event on 22 March at the Waitrose in Holloway Road, or simply wait for them to pop up in a Waitrose near you.

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