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Be transported back in time with a historic ‘Portrait of London’

Posted at 6:15 pm, March 8, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Museum of LondonThey say a picture tells a thousand words and by ‘they’ I’m referring to Victorian artist Fred R Barnard who coined the term in a bid to get his images on the side of a bus. But if you needed proof that the axiom still holds true, the 60 odd images in the ‘Portrait of London’ exhibition at the Wandsworth Museum (to August 12) are a veritable encyclopedia of  19th and 20th century life in Wandsworth. With historic images from the Museum of London and Wandsworth Museum, the display includes images of suffragettes (happy International Women’s Day), the earliest recorded photo of London and some amazing street scenes. While the city has changed spectacularly over the last 200 years, some things (like the over crowding at Victoria, below) never change. Didi Mae Hand

For info, see Portrait of London listing.

Portrait of London Collapsing Building in Queen Victoria Street 5th  November 1941 Rush-Hour’ at Victoria Station, c. 196- Photographer: Bob Collins St Paul’s from Bankside, 1893  Photographer Paul Martin

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