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Bloomin’ marvelous: a little London Eye springs up

Posted at 12:00 pm, March 20, 2012 in Fun London, Secret London

When we asked guerilla gardener Steve Wheen to make a video celebrating the first day of spring (that’s today, by the way) – we knew he wouldn’t disappoint. But we didn’t expect him to make our bloomin’ day. Then again, making people’s days is what Steve does best. The 35-year-old east Londoner, aka the Pothole Gardener, has been filling the capital’s holey streets with temporary, conceptual gardens for the best part of three years. Steve found the above pothole earlier this month just outside the Ministry of Defence opposite the London Eye (which was inspiration for this creation). As far as he knows it’s still there under the watchful eye of a security guard he befriended during his mission. He’s got the Met on the case, too. ‘About halfway through a policeman came. For the first five minutes he was kind of taking the piss, but he absolutely loved it. He said it put a smile on his face and made him love London a little bit more,’ said Steve. If the gardens raise awareness about London’s pothole problem, and maybe even save a cyclist from breaking their arm, so much the better. Happy spring, London. Nick Aveling

See more of Steve’s creations at thepotholegardener.com.

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