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Discover Peruvian food at Ceviche in Soho

Posted at 1:00 pm, March 21, 2012 in Food & Drink

CevicheSo what is Peruvian food? Peruvians eat more varieties of potato than the Incas had dialects, and the guinea pigs – cuy – of the Altiplano have good reason to nervously hide in their burrows. But the food of Peru, with its regional cuisines spread from the Andes to the Pacific coast to the Amazon jungle, is diverse and largely unknown in Europe. Restaurateur Martin Morales, the founder of Soho’s Ceviche restaurant, has not attempted to make their restaurant the Peruvian culinary embassy. Instead, Ceviche is focused on the dishes that play well with Londoners. Ceviche, the dish, is raw cuts of fish are marinated in lime juice, then pepped up with dice of red onions and chillies, among other ingredients. It’s just one of many signature Peruvian dishes on this menu. The small, narrow bar at the entrance is where they will fix you a Pisco Sour – a cocktail of the Peruvian pisco spirit (a colourless grape brandy) mixed with citrus juice, egg white, sugar syrup and bitters. It’s already a prime destination for Soho folk looking for new kicks. Guy Dimond

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