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London Gastronomy Seminar: ‘Flavour and New Nordic Cuisine’

Posted at 10:00 am, March 28, 2012 in Food & Drink

London CutleryThe London Gastronomy Seminars are a series of public lectures which aim to put the technical and critical back into the understanding of food in an interesting and exciting way. The next one on March 28, is marking the launch of ‘Flavour’, a new interdisciplinary journal covering the psychophysical, psychological and chemical aspects of eating, and doing so with a discussion on how flavour influences our world and the work of Noma and the Nordic Food Lab, part of the New Nordic Cuisine movement. Speakers include Per Møller, Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Flavour’ and author of over 50 articles on Molecular Gastronomy; Ole Mouritsen, Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and author of books on sushi and seaweed; and Lars Williams, Head of Research and Development at the Nordic Food Lab who trained at WD-50, The Fat Duck and Noma. So it will be a pretty highbrow event – with food nerds welcome.

Tickets are £10 from londongastronomyseminars.com.

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