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Tube taboos: make-up on the underground

Posted at 8:30 am, March 29, 2012 in Fun London

make up in Japan@tube_boob is a Londoner with a love for the tube. To celebrate the great underground’s idiosyncrasies, they started tweeting at @tube_boob to capture some classic tubetastic moments and taboos. Here they tackle personal grooming on the tube…
‘I’m amazed at how often my followers tell me of inappropriate beauty regimes on the Tube. The most common is people clipping their nails – mostly onto the floor, but collected neatly into a handbag. Filing nails is also frowned upon, especially if the culprit is standing above seated passengers; and as for biting them and spitting out the remnants, well… I’m not sure which of these is worse, but surely they can all wait until you get home, commuters?

Brushing, backcombing or playing with hair is also a no-no – we could do without your greasy strands floating down the carriage and landing on our pristine clothes, thank you very much. And don’t even mention spritzing perfumes, deodorant, plucking eyebrows, squeezing spots and the like. The beauty taboo that causes most controversy, though, is make-up application. It’s a great way to save time, doesn’t make you go ‘eww’, and yet seems to offend other commuters immensely.

Liz Brewer, etiquette expert, says: “To put on all your make-up in public is as bad as eating in the street. Some things should be kept behind closed doors. Make up should always be used to enhance your features, creating some magic in the transformation. It would seem senseless to reveal your beauty secrets to all and sundry!”

According to a recent survey for Debenhams, 67% of women now apply a full face of make-up on their morning commute, while 89% often touch it up. 75% of these women have reported a ‘cosmetic mishap’ on crowded or bumpy public transport, which may explain why only 33% attempt to apply eyeliner, which requires a steady hand. Lipstick is the most applied, and the most acceptable. Unsurprisingly, London is the top city for commute cosmetic application.’

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