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Bar of the week – Dalston’s Hunter S

Posted at 3:30 pm, March 30, 2012 in Food & Drink

Hunter SWhat bad craziness is this? A new bar named after Hunter Stockton Thompson? The sign outside the bar has the motif of Thompson’s always-on Aviators, a pair of crossed pistols and a Steadman-esque bat. The same owners run the Hemingway near Victoria Park: they seem to have a thing for suicidal, alcoholic American writers. But once inside, the Hunter theme stops abruptly. This bar’s not a fiery tomb of magic, mystery, and myth, but a pleasant, comfortably furnished, dimly-lit neighbourhood drinking and dining spot in a restrained art deco style, its walls decorated with some enormous and feral bits of taxidermy. There is a bottle of Wild Turkey behind the bar, but it’s hidden behind a row of upmarket bourbons. The men’s toilet is stiff with framed pornographic prints of women: apart from that, everything else is rather civilised.

For info, see Hunter S listing

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