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Find a good Korean restaurant near you

Posted at 5:15 pm, April 1, 2012 in Food & Drink, Technology
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People who follow Time Out’s food and drink coverage will have noticed that we’re keen on Korean food. So keen, in fact, that we’ve reviewed 27 Korean restaurants in the Greater London area. But, like watching a Hyundai purring past us in the fast lane, we’re awed by the effort that has been put into a new Korean restaurant guide app that’s exclusively dedicated to Korean restaurants in ‘England’. The ‘Korean Restaurant Guide England’ lists 41 restaurants, mostly in either central London or New Malden (if you’re looking for one in Devon, or Cumbria you may be disappointed). Their entries were written following interviews with the chefs and owners. It’s also available as a pocket-sized, print guidebook, written in English, Hangul (Korean script) and French. The Guide’s been paid for by the Korea Food Foundation, funded directly from South Korea, who are rolling out a series of international guides to Korean restaurants. Both the app and the guidebook are free. Keen geographers will spot that the cover of the print edition doesn’t in fact show ‘England’, it shows the entire United Kingdom; but then how many English people could point to South Korea, exactly, on a map? Guy Dimond

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