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Spend Saturday night with the Fresh Prince

Posted at 4:00 pm, April 4, 2012 in Music & Nightlife

For the Love of MicAt our reckoning, For The Love Of Mic on Saturday April 7 at Drink, Shop and Dance is the only rap night attached to a craft shop where you can buy knitting yarn until 2am. But then it’s probably also the only rap night whose musical policy of ‘If there’s an MC on it, we’ll play it,’  is broad enough for them to play everything from Mos Def to The Fresh Prince via  ‘the dude who does the “Serious as cancer” rap on “Rhythm is a Dancer”.’ But don’t take our word for it, listen to the below mix (although no Fresh Prince as they ‘want to keep him Fresssshhh for the night’). As for their plan to offer photos of guests in hip hop ‘props’ (arf) and to distribute Kanye West masks to the crowd at midnight in ‘a touching and not at all tenuous tribute to the dawn of Easter Sunday and the moment that (wait for it…) Jesus Walks’? Yeah, probably the most fun, daftest profession of love for rappers we’ve come across in a night.

For info, see facebook.com/theloveofmic.

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