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Caviar nails look good enough to eat

Posted at 1:15 pm, April 9, 2012 in Shopping & Style
Ciate Caviar nails

It might sound odd, but nails that look good enough to eat might just stop you biting them. Certainly nail brand Ciaté’s new Caviar Manicure looks delicious, but the mere threat of a nail-gnawing and your tasty new look would be nastily chipped. Featuring a combination of tiny, iridescent ‘caviar’ pearls – not unlike the sprinkles you get on cupcakes – and plain polish, the newly launched nail kits come in black, white and multicoloured options and take around 20 minutes to self-apply from wet to dry. First, you apply one coat of plain varnish, leave to set, and then add a second coat. While still wet, you sprinkle on the embellishment pearls. Apparently you can create designs, but being a nail novice, I stuck to the full sprinkle finish. Excess pearls are caught in a tray provided and any wastage can be funneled back into the bottle. There are limitations: the pearls create a rough surface on the nail which you wouldn’t want to catch on your Wolfords. And they are definitely a one night wonder: these finger tips were chipped within 24 hours. Still, I loved my brilliant wedding-white caviar look: Adele might have worn them to pick up her Grammy; I simply deferred the washing up that night – and have left enough in the bottle to last through this year’s wedding season. Esther Jackson

For info, see ciate.co.uk.

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