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It’s 100 days until the Olympics! Here’s five reasons to be excited – and five reasons not to be…

Posted at 8:30 am, April 18, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics

OlympicsThe Olympics is 100 days away now. Crazy huh? You can tell it’s getting closer because the muscle and Lycra® quota in TV adverts has gone through the roof. There’s also a load more chatter among Londoners about the big event which ranges from pant-wetting excitement to wide-eyed terror. To celebrate this spread of emotions and such an important landmark, we’ve put together five reasons to get excited about London 2012 and five reasons why you might be moving to Ipswich for a month.

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Five reasons to get excited

1/It’s the biggest sporting spectacle ever. Thousands of athletes at the very top of their game come together to show off in a pretty bizarre range of sports (and I’m not just talking about Modern Pentathlon) right on your doorstep. Double wow.
2/The Olympic venues look ace. I had a sneaky peek out of Westfield Stratford City the other day (just browsing, thanks for asking) and the Olympic Park is already looking amazing. Venues like the Velodrome and The Aquatics Centre are works of art.
3/It will be a success. No one can argue that the 2002 Commonwealth Games and Euro ’96 weren’t great and London 2012 is likely to be even better.
4/The Torch Relay. Getting together with friends and cheering on the procession of a flaming torch. THAT’S what memories are really made of.
5/It’s not just about sport. There are hundreds of amazing events/exhibitions and activities taking place in the city as part of the Cultural Olympiad including Damon Albarn’s Doctor Dee and international Shakespeare celebration Globe to Globe.

Five reasons to run away

1/You won’t be able to avoid it. The BBC has added an extra 24 channels to its Olympic coverage to show every second of the event. Add to that online coverage, Olympic themed restaurants and pubs, adverts and tubes full of people with flags painted to their faces, it’s going to be tough for those of you who don’t like sport.
2/It’s going to be busy. Even with the help of TfL’s spectator journey planner, expect your Facebook wall and Twitter timeline to be dominated by deep seated fury; ‘OMG… been waiting for a train at London Bridge for like 2 days. I’ve already missed Deal or No Deal ffs. #olympictransportrage
3/The weather will not be good. The exact forecast is yet to be delivered but I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be either too hot or just a bit rainy and crap.
4/Olympic tat overload. Everyone likes novelty gifts but the Olympics is going to make the Royal Wedding merch look like your local cake sale. Olympic toilet roll anyone? It’s very strong.
5/You don’t have tickets. Resentment is never good.

Tom Young

For more info, see Time Out’s guide to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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