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Win £1,000 just for being nice

Posted at 11:47 am, April 18, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, News, Secret London

Floyd recipient of £1,000 from Wearelucky
What would you do if you came in to a large sum of money? Giving it away to perfect strangers might not be your first instinct (personally, I’d buy an island) but that’s exactly what the anonymous millionaire behind Wearelucky has decided to do. He’s dedicated the last two years to spreading and sharing his new found wealth through random encounters across the globe. What’s the catch? Well, with great wealth comes great responsibility – recipients of the £1,000 are asked to put at least some of the money towards something good, and to share their stories on his site. So far the anonymous character has donated over £50,000 on a philanthropic tour that’s taken him from Mumbai and New York to Bordeaux and Colorado. Now Wearelucky are coming back to London to give away £1,000 each to 10 lucky people today (April 18). There’s no application process or forms to fill in, Wearelucky’s patron has already withdrawn £10,000 from his bank and will be scouring the streets in search of worthy benefactors. So be nice today and you just might win £1,000… Didi Mae Hand

For info, see we-are-lucky.com or follow his live tweets today @Wearelucky1.

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