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It’s mob rule on ‘The Audience’

Posted at 3:00 pm, April 21, 2012 in TV

The AudienceTry not to think about sheep. Clear your mind completely of all things relating to the supineness/brainlessness of a neighing, docile herd mentality. Got it? Ok, good. Now expunge all thoughts of how swiftly online communities spread half-baked rumours of celebrity deaths. Done that? Perfect. Also shed all memories of how a group of Chinese whisperers distorts the sensible into the ludicrous. Now you’re ready to think about Channel 4’s new concept for a gameshow: ‘The Audience’, wherein a group of 50 people will follow an individual or couple with a life-changing decision to make, then help them decide whether to leave their job or divorce their partner. Should you wish to put your life in the hands of a committee, the programme makers are looking for volunteers. Or better yet, for people to volunteer their friends. Still, we’d recommend you tune in. Sounds like it’s going to make for highly entertaining viewing. Alexi Duggins

To volunteer someone or take part, contact: 0203 465 9073 or takepart@thegardenproductions.tv.

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