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The triumvirate talk: interviews with Brian, Boris and Ken

Posted at 11:00 am, April 23, 2012 in News
Brian Paddick, Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone

As our mayoral candidates limber up to the polls, Time Out news editor Rebecca Taylor asks the election’s triumvirate some hard hitting questions on crime, transport, riots and the Olympics. To surmise: Boris Johnson, the city’s current mayor and race front runner discusses his pride at delivering the Olympics on time and under budget, his bus and bike schemes and tax avoidance, an issue which saw Ken lose serious ground in the polls. But Mr. Livingstone’s not going down without a fight, the former mayor is quick to defend his accounts and is pledging to cut and then freeze transport fees. He also claims that had he been in charge at the time, last summer’s riots would simply not have happened. Meanwhile Brian Paddick has been ploughing on resolutely, as the highest-ranking openly gay UK police officer, he has a uniquely informed stance on tackling crime while championing electric taxis and increased housing. What’s more there’s some serious fighting talk; Boris calls Ken an ‘invertebrate newt’, Ken suggests he wouldn’t need to stand, were Boris more competent, and Brian, well Brian rises above it all, barely mentioning Boris and omitting Ken entirely.

For see all three of Rebecca’s interviews in full, check out the 2012 Mayoral Election page.

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