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In pictures: the Great Trafalgar Square Pillow Fight

Posted at 12:31 pm, April 26, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London

One innocuous Saturday earlier this April, International Pillow Fight Day inspired outbreaks of feather-fuelled violence in cities around the world. Londoners, rarely short of steam to blow off,  converged on Trafalgar Square to engage one another in ferocious, cushiony combat – and Gerald Lee was kind of enough to share these pictures with us. See the rest of the photos below…

© Gerald Lee: International Pillow Fight Day © Gerald Lee: International Pillow Fight Day

Thanks again to Gerald Lee for submitting his work to Time Out’s Flickr Group, where we’re always stoked to receive your photos of London life. (Instagrammers can tag their photos #timeoutlondon.)

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