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Great taste in movies? Then enjoy The Electric’s edible cinema experience

Posted at 1:00 pm, April 30, 2012 in Food & Drink
Pan's Labyrinth at the Edible Cinema

‘Salty or sweet?’ is so last year. Why not eat a popcorn flavour that brings the movie to life? At least, that’s the idea behind ‘edible cinema’ at the Electric Cinema, Notting Hill. Audience members will be given a series of numbered packages, and at specific points a nice usher will hold up a sign telling you which one to eat. The scent, texture and taste is intended to heighten the sensory experience: so during the first screening (of epic fantasy flick ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’) the woodland scenes will have you nibbling on smoked pine popcorn, while sniffing on a pine-scented hankie. That’s smell-a-vision, and then some. Tickets for ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ on 13 May are still available from £22.50.

For info, see www.electriccinema.co.uk.

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