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Celebrate the Jubilee with patriotic accessories

Posted at 2:00 pm, June 1, 2012 in Shopping & Style
Violent Lips

Violent Lips temporary tattoos and Nazila 3D nails laugh in the face of what we traditionally call lipstick and nail varnish. They are the show-offs prancing about on the dancefloor while everyone else stands quietly by the buffet. They are, quite honestly, terrifying. So of course, when the pair of them dropped on our desk sporting a Jubilee theme (Union Jack lip tattoo and crown-encrusted falsies) we had to try them.

The rather ominously named Violent Lips come in packs of three. But after trialing one set on our hands to make sure we wouldn’t be branded with patriotic lips forever, and another being lost on fumbling fingers and thumbs, it became clear that this seeming multi-pack generosity is actually a necessity. Once on, the tattoos do look pretty cool. They’re not the comfiest things to ever adorn a mouth, and it’s a bit tricky to avoid licking your lips or eating, but the result was striking and may well get you noticed by Queenie on parade day.

Speaking of striking, we segue to Nazila’s special edition Your Royal Highness 3D nails (below). Now, imagine very long false nails that aren’t actually a comedy or Halloween prop, and you’re close. The pack includes 24 nails, 10 decorated with appliqué decorations. They’re amusing to look at and easy to apply, but be warned – if you deem typing and texting as important, you’ll be left frustrated. Despite being highly impractical to the point of ridiculous, they are still a lot of fun to apply and even more fun to wear. Grace Holliday

Violent Lips, £10, from asos.comNazila ‘Your Royal Highness’ 3D nails, £29.99, from nazilaloveglamour.com.

Nazila Your Royal Highness Nails

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