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Prepare to fail: The School of Life is gearing up for the Olympics

Posted at 4:30 pm, June 7, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics
The School of Life

You might not have noticed but the UK has gone into Olympics overdrive. As our great medal hopes enter the final lap of preparations, the torch makes its way proudly around the country, and we all dig out our Union Jacks, there’s just one thing on the mind: medals. As far as Olympians are concerned, the glory is in the gold – losing is not an option and there’s no space on the podium for 4th place. But what happens if an athlete fails to win a medal? The School of Life has been putting some thought into the matter, and have come up with ‘Olympian Virtue’ on June 20 – an evening of talks on failure, mistakes, and coming last. From 7 to 9pm, Guardian columnist Oliver Burkeman and Paul Watson, coach of the self-confessed world’s ‘worst football team’, will be guiding us through the perils of losing and proving that failure should be celebrated as an Olympian virtue. Their alternative thinking will set us on a negative path to happiness and fulfilment by instead embracing the joys of loss, insecurity, failure and pessimism. Conventional this most certainly is not, but us Brits always love an underdog, and these are certainly ideas to live by. Tickets cost £20.50 so maybe money can buy happiness after all. Lisa Paul

For info, see schooloflife.com.

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