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Crumbs! It’s the great British Biscuit Festival

Posted at 10:00 am, June 8, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
British Biscuit Festival © Will Weaver

The excitement in our office is palpable. The kettle has been boiling for months and mountains of baked goods have been consumed in the run up to the first British Biscuit Festival at The Brunswick Centre, June 8-10. Yes, we may have been using this as a good excuse to drink an unhealthy amount of tea. Yes, we may have bought out most of the supermarket’s biscuit aisle in preparation for the dunking competition. Yes, we may also have been brainstorming London biscuit-based puns (surprisingly difficult – Holbourbon was the best we could do!). Now, all our hard work has paid off and it is time to rejoice for this weekend there will be Build-a-Biscuit workshops to make your dream cookie, a tea dance, some tasty bisc-art, a chance to decorate your own and some serious dunking. Yes, it is just another made-up food festival, but hell, who doesn’t want to celebrate the humble biccy?! Sonya Barber

For info, see British Biscuit Festival listing. The debate has been raging in Time Out Towers and we have almost come to blows over the best sweet treat. Have your say below or tweet us if you can think of any better biscuit puns!

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