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Get connected: free WiFi launches on the Tube

Posted at 4:00 pm, June 8, 2012 in News, Transport
WiFi on the tube

This morning I checked my email while on the Tube. Yes, that’s right. The t’interweb has made it all the way underground thanks to a new WiFi initiative from Virgin Media. The plan is to get free WiFi available in 80 stations over the summer and it has already kicked off at Warren Street, Oxford Circus, King’s Cross and Green Park. Using the internet is currently free and you can go online anywhere in the station (ticket halls, corridors and platforms but not on the actual trains). I am not sure how I feel about this development. This seems like a possible precursor to getting phone signal down there and that idea fills me with horror – who wants to stand next to someone shouting into their phone while squeezed on a sweaty train?! The tube is currently a refuse from the upstairs world of phones. However, internet is harmless (and quiet) enough. It may mean I read my book less and check twitter more, but as long as people don’t start streaming noisy YouTube videos sitting on the platform next to me, it should be fairly civilised. Plus, we’ll be providing five daily recommendations of great things to do in the capital when you log on so that’s surely reason enough to check it out! Don’t get too used to this freebie though – after the summer it will only be free to Virgin Media Customers and pay as you go for everyone else. Sonya Barber

For more info, see tfl.gov.uk/wifi. Do you think there should be internet on the Tube? Comment below.

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