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Wheel of fortune: take a tour of Brixton Windmill

Posted at 11:15 am, June 9, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
Brixton Windmill © Owen Llewellyn

Nowadays the unmissable silhouette of the London Eye distinguishes our capital’s skyline, but once upon a time a very different type of wheel graced the city landscape. Yes, believe it or not, the windmill was once a familiar feature across London and few stand as rustic reminders that our streets were once rural fields. Now, one such mill has been lovingly restored so that modern-day visitors can relive the charm of old Lambeth. This weekend (1-4pm), Brixton Windmill will be running short tours for the public – with longer tours of the upper floors for those who book in advance. This unique mill recently won the Museums and Heritage Award for Excellence 2012 for Restoration and Conservation and is well worth a look. It may not command views across London quite like the Eye, but we think it’s sure to transport you back in time. Lisa Paul

For info, see Brixton Windmill Open Day listing.

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