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Going underground: Mole Man’s Hackney home goes up for auction

Posted at 4:15 pm, June 10, 2012 in News
William Lyttle's Blue Plaque by Matt From London

We could all do with a little extra space, but who has the time to deal with local council planning applications for extensions when just sticking to the scheduled rubbish day seems too much for them to handle? The ‘Mole Man’ of Hackney had a better idea; the only way is down. The former civil engineer was evicted from his house on Mortimer Road in 2006 after spending more than 40 years digging a warren of subterranean tunnels from below his home. William Lyttle never offered an explanation for his underground antics, claiming that he was simply making ‘home improvements’. The 8ft hole that appeared in a nearby pavement in 2001 suggested otherwise. The house is now due to be auctioned in July, two years after Lyttle passed away in the tower block he was rehoused to in 2006. Perhaps worth looking into if you always wanted a really massive wine cellar. Or a minotaur. Ashleigh Arnott

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