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Brian Pigeon’s London guide for visiting pigeons

Posted at 3:00 pm, June 11, 2012 in Fun London, Olympics & Paralympics

Brian PigeonWe spend our weeks enhancing Londoner’s social lives but rarely spare a thought for how our furry and feathered friends will be spending their down time. To remedy this, we have brought in an expert in the field of animal blogging, Mr Brian Pigeon to give a bird’s eye view of what is happening in the capital. Over to you Bri…

‘Being a London pigeon that blogs I’m often asked what’s going on in London by visiting pigeons, so when the mighty Time Out blog asked me if I wanted to do something for them, “Fucking genius.” I thought. Perfect. So, here it is.

‘If you’re in London this week and are stuck for shit to do, unless it’s pissing down of course in which case I’d go sit under somewhere like Westminster Bridge, why not check out the teams getting ready for the Pigeon Olympics 2012? In and around the West End there’s lots of serious practising going on, and one of the best spots to catch them is Trafalgar Square. Here’s the Kentish Town lot training for the Chip Tossing event that’s taking place in a few weeks:

Brian Pigeon

‘Not a bad pass there from Ken. It’s a tricky sport too. I tried it once but the chip got stuck to my toe. Flattened it. Potato everywhere. Well embarrassing. Not tried it since.

‘If you don’t fancy that, there’s always Bread Tug. Bread Tug is a game of skill and patience, the aim being to tug the bread piece from your opponent’s beak and eat as much of it as you can before they tug it back. I’m not great at this one either as I like to take my time with my bread. It’s a hard habit to break.

‘Here’s Terry from Surrey giving the current London champion, Breadstick Dennis, a run for his money. Dennis (right) won in the end, but it was close:

Brian Pigeon

‘The umpire in the middle is Gordon. You’ll definitely see him out and about if there’s sporting practice going on. He loves nothing better than a bit of umpiring. It’s been known for Gordon to go up to random pigeons and ask them to do something just so he can umpire. Jesus.

‘Perhaps the most popular event is the 1m Sprint. Most open spaces will have some sort of 1m Sprint practice going on and, as it’s every pigeon for himself rather than team based, you can even join in. You never know, you might get spotted! Either that or you’ll look like a total twat like my mate Eddy did the other day when he joined a practice sprint in a park in Peckham:

Brian Pigeon

‘That’s Eddy at the back. Don’t suppose it helped that he started going in a different direction to everyone else. Knob.

‘For the next few weeks, I’d say getting into the spirit of the Pigeon Olympics 2012 is the thing to do in London. It’s bound to be an exciting time for any pigeon to be in London so, if you’re reading this from somewhere else, then fly your arse down here. You won’t be disappointed.’

Read more from Bri at pigeonblog.wordpress.com.

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