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Putting a spring in their step: Walthamstow’s celebrity mattress lookalikes

Posted at 2:30 pm, June 21, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London
Jessica Simpson and her Walthamstow mattress lookalike

We’re all aware that fashion is driven by some fairly unusual influences. The fact that it’s considered socially acceptable (by quite a large proportion of people) to walk around Hoxton wearing the sort of outfit which, realistically, would pass as one of the costumes from Byker Grove, says something about London’s broad taste in clothing. But now, hold the phone, celebrities are basing their outfits on the mattresses which lounge around the streets of Walthamstow. In our opinion, this is taking it a bit far, but their attention to detail is so impressive that we look forward to seeing how the trend progresses. With a bit of luck, Gaga will get on it and turn up to something wearing an actual mattress salvaged from E17. Ashleigh Arnott

Britney Spears and her Walthamstow mattress lookalike
Britney keeps up with all the classy tablecloth trends.

Jason Statham and his Walthamstow mattress lookalike
Jason Statham is so into it that he even replicated his mattress’ stain.

The Queen and her Walthamstow mattress lookalike
Royalty never will be outdone – the Queen accessorises her mattress outfit with some mattress help.

The mattresses and celebrities were collated by Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board.

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