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Serena Williams causes quite a racket at the Lawn Tennis Association

Posted at 4:00 pm, June 25, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics
Nike 'FUELSERENA' Campaign

You may still have your head in your hands after last night’s painful penalty shootout, but don’t forgo your sporting dreams just yet, as Wimbledon kicks off today. Nothing could have got us more in the mood for two weeks of strawberries and Champagne (that’s what it’s all about right?) than the Nike Training Club session we let ourselves in for last week, presided over by none other than four-times Wimbledon champion Serena Williams. We joined 100 girls from the London NTC school network for a unique tennis inspired workout at the prestigious Lawn Tennis Association where the likes of Andy Murray et al train – we even spotted British hopeful Elena Baltacha knocking around the grounds.Nike 'FUELSERENA' Campaign

Not only were the girls delighted with the chance to meet their sporting idol, but Serena seemed genuinely thrilled to chat to her young fans and encourage them to collect exercise fuel on their Nike+ FuelBands. Although we did see a couple of clever competitors shaking their arm around to pick up extra points which we think might be classed as cheating.

Nike 'FUELSERENA' Campaign

We weren’t just there to gaze at Ms Williams’ bouncy locks (Beyoncé eat your heart out) or pose next to her (here we are above right), we did actually hit a few balls around too – not necessarily in the right direction but points for trying, yeah? It has actually given us the confidence and motivation to try out tennis again, although we’ll keep you posted on how that goes once the Wimbledon buzz has died down. Julia Fernandez and Liz Darke.

For more info on NikeFuel go to nike.com/makeitcount. See our Wimbledon guide for tips on how to get tickets to this year’s championships.

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