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Five sports we’d like to see in the Olympics

Posted at 3:00 pm, June 27, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics, Top 5
WIfe Carrying

With just a month to go before the Olympics (not we can’t believe it either), here are five sports not currently included in the Games. Perhaps there is still time to add them in?! And no, we didn’t make them up…

1 Wife carrying
In this Finnish contest, the man tries to carry a woman over an obstacle course in the fastest time. The prize? The woman’s weight in beer.

2 Bog snorkelling
This Welsh event involves competitors completing two lengths of a 55-metre trench cut through a peat bog – in snorkels and flippers.

3 Gravy wrestling
The Gravy Wrestling Championship in Lancashire does what it says on the tin (of Bisto). Wrestling in a stagnant gravy pool… ahhh!

4 Toe wrestling
Players link toes with the winner pinning down their opponent’s feet.

5 Ferret legging
Competitors bind their trousers at the ankles, place two ferrets inside their keks and fasten their belts. Who lasts the longest wins. Jess West

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