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Five proposed radical routes across London

Posted at 2:00 pm, June 28, 2012 in Fun London, Top 5, Transport
Emirates Airline © JohnSturrock

Yes the Emirates Air Line may have opened today but by now we all thought that we’d be whizzing around in hovercrafts or jetpacks. Here are five other inspired (all right, crazy) transport proposals that remained fantasies:

1 King’s Cross airport
Boris’s ‘estuary airport’ idea may never fly but then neither did Charles W Glover’s Central Airport for London (1931), which would have had planes approaching down an ‘Aerial Way’ above Pentonville Road.

2 Charing Cross chopper drome
In 1953, MPs discussed the building of a heliport by Trafalgar Square. You can see the problem, can’t you? So could they: a potential people-and-pigeon bloodbath.

3 London-to-Paris rollercoaster
A propeller-powered cross-Channel monorail(part plane, part train) was designed in the 1930s. If delivered as planned, it would have opened just as the Germans wanted to get across the Channel fast – a close one.

4 Regent Street monorail
GLC leader (1967-73) Desmond Plummer drew up plans for a monorail along Regent Street and an underground freight railway for central London that was surely worth building for its name alone: Operation Moondrop.

5 Mid-Thames railway
In 1863, a rail line/station was proposed stretching along the middle of the Thames. Funds were not forthcoming, and Londoners missed out on what would have been the longest West Cornwall Pasty Company in the world. Jess West

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