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In the midnight hour: late nighters at the Roxy

Posted at 5:00 pm, June 29, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

There’s an art to the late night double bill – you can’t just tack up a red curtain, stick on a couple of David Lynch flicks and dim the lights. Nobody knows that better than the Midnight Movies crew – as proven by this Saturday June 30’s event at the Roxy Bar & Screen, where they’ll be showing a double bill of satirical sideswipes in the form of Michael Lehmann’s suicide romp ‘Heathers’ (above) and Brian Yuzna’s slimy, shocking ‘Society’. In a week when the widening British social gulf has been thrown into sharp relief by the antics of our aristocratic overlords, there’s no better time to revisit these incredible American indies, both of which take a witty look at power and privilege in the so-called classless society. Plus, attendees can get in on the game themselves with a (frankly rather scary-sounding) high-school-style popularity contest, appropriate music and themed cocktails. It’s the first in a series of monthly Midnight Movies events at the Roxy, so keep an eye on Time Out’s listings pages for more.

For more info, see roxybarandscreen.com.

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