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Look to the skies for The Shard’s epic light show

Posted at 5:45 pm, July 4, 2012 in Fun London, Photos of London
Lasers and spotlights burst from The Shard, London.

If you can see the Shard from your corner of London (and chances are, you probably can) then keep an eye out at 10.15pm on Thursday July 5 when it’ll be the star of its own fantastic light show. Not likely to assuage critics calling the building ‘a display of arrogance and power‘, the Shard will be beaming super-bright lasers (or ‘ultrapowered rays of fuck-you’) at 15 less altitudinous buildings, while 42 other lasers and spotlights illuminate the building itself.

If an adequate view eludes you, the whole thing will be streamed live on their Facebook page. And if all the excitement leaves you with a hunger for the high life, the first tickets for the viewing gallery (opening February 2013) go on sale this Friday morning at TheViewFromTheShard.com – they’re expected to be suitably vertiginous at around £20.

(c) Dave Pearce - testing the light display for The Shard's inaugural show

The lasers being tested last night. (Photo: Dave Pearce.) Remind you of anything?

Image: Planet of the Dalek

The Shard’s true purpose is about to become dreadfully apparent.

Vote for London’s best/worst buildings. Or if you want to see experience the View From the Shard, see timeout.com for details.

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