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Five light shows that were better than the Shard

Posted at 4:30 pm, July 6, 2012 in Photos of London, Top 5
BT Tower

Ok, we will stop the Shardbashing soon (there is some serious Schardenfreude going on out there) but before we do, we just wanted to bring you five other London light shows that were way more impressive than the underwhelming official opening of the £500 million Shard building last night.

1. BT Tower turns into a giant lightsaber (above)
The force was with us last September when the BT Tower lit up the sky.

Millbank Tower

2. Millbank Tower Deadmau5 spectacular
This 4D light show in honour of the Nokia Lumia 800 launch provided a visual extravaganza on the 120m high Millbank Tower while Deadmau5 performed live.

Lord Mayor's Firework Show

3. The Lord Mayor’s firework show
Remember, remember the 5th of November? Not after this display on November 10 last year that included more than half a tonne of giant fireworks.

London Pleasure Gardens

4. London Pleasure Gardens
The recent opening of the London Pleasure Gardens was a tantilizing display that wowed the audience and sharded all over last night’s laser show.

Buckingham palace Jubilee concert

5. Buckingham Palace Jubilee concert
You would have hoped that they would have pulled out all the big guns (not literally) for her madge. And so they did. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration really was rather explosive.

Even if the laser show didn’t have the wow factor, the View From the Shard will. Head to timeout.com to buy your tickets now.

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