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International Kissing Day: top 5 famous London kisses

Posted at 10:00 am, July 6, 2012 in Fun London, Top 5

‘Romance’ and ‘London’ are not two words you often hear in the same sentence. It’s a sad fact, but no matter how amazing London is, we’re not known to be the most romantic or sexy city in the world. However, seeing as it’s International Kissing day today, we wanted to show you just how wrong that preconception is. We may be thought of as having a stiff upper lip and too proper for a PDA, but here are five famous London kisses that should pull on your heart strings. (Unromantic cynics look away now…ed)Bridget Jones kissing Mark Darcy in the snow

1. ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’: ‘nice boys don’t kiss like that’
New York may have Carrie Bradshaw but we’ve got Bridget Jones. Lucky us. Any single woman, no matter how happy they are, may have had a moment where they’ve worried they were going to die alone and be eaten by Alsatians. Watching this moment, they probably let out a small sigh.

2. ‘Love Actually’: ‘to me,  you are perfect’
Big romantic gestures aren’t really our thing either. And what better moment than when Andrew Lincoln knocked on Kiera Knightly’s door in ‘Love Actually’ to show that sometimes, just sometimes, being quiet can be the loudest thing of all.

Colin and Guido kiss - Eastenders

3. ‘Eastenders’: Colin and Guido
Though our first same sex, prime time TV kiss may not be as glamorous as ‘Dawson’s Creek’, we set the bar, moved the goal posts and opened up the minds of a whole generation when Colin and Guido locked lips on ‘Eastenders’ in 1989.

4. John Snow Gay Kiss In
In April 2011, hundreds of Londoners joined together (literally) in Soho. The John Snow pub was the stage for a kiss-in protest after the pub had allegedly ejected two gay patrons after a staff member deemed their first date kiss to ‘obscene’. In retalliation, approximately 300 people congrigated outside the pub and locked lips in a peaceful but effective demonstration.

Royal Wedding Kiss © AP / Press Association

5. Kate and Will: A girl becomes a princess
And lastly, a royal kiss. Kate and Will on the balcony – an awkward peck that was viewed all over the world. The most recent in our top five but definitely an image that will be famous long after ‘The Notebook’ is forgotten, though that might be down to the legendary bridesmaid. Carly-Ann Clements

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