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On this day in 1952 – London trams were no longer welcome in the capital

Posted at 8:30 am, July 6, 2012 in News, Transport

What would you do if London buses went out of service? Terrifying thought isn’t it? Well, on July 6 1952 London’s trams ceased being a convenient form of transport across the capital and became a piece of history. London’s last tram came to a stop in New Cross after nearly 100 years of service after being deemed to be ‘noisy and dangerous’. For the week leading up to the final journey, special commemorative tickets were printed saying ‘Last Tram Week’ and the trams themselves carried a banner with the same announcement. The last tram’s journeys took three hours longer than scheduled as crowds of cheering Londoners surrounded it from Woolwich to New Cross. A nice farewell I’m unsure we’d see 70 years on. Carly-Ann Clements

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