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On the road: photographs celebrate Roadside Britain

Posted at 3:30 pm, July 9, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment
Roadside Britain

Though some people may be secretly celebrating the fact that Marks & Spencers are slowly invading all motorway petrol stations providing fast familiar foodstuffs, where does that leave traditional roadside eateries that have been the backbone of road trips for decades? It’s sad to say, but even Heston Blumenthal couldn’t save roadside chain Little Chef, so what hope does the independent greasy spoon have? Sam Mellish, a documentary and editorial photographer, spent four years capturing the warmth, appeal and old fashioned honesty that these establishments bring. All his images can be seen in his book ‘Roadside Brtitain’ and 25 selected images will be displayed at theprintspace from July 10-31.

For info, see theprintspace.co.uk.

Roadside Britain Roadside Britain Roadside Britain

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