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Matt Truss (the mattress)’s favourite Walthamstow hangouts

Posted at 6:00 pm, July 10, 2012 in Secret London, Top 5
abandoned mattress in Walthamstow

Abandoned mattress Matthew Truss, a friend of the Walthamstow (Unofficial) Tourist Board, has been wandering the streets of E17 since his owner got a new king-size memory foam last Christmas. We asked Matt where he thinks are the best places to hang out in Walthamstow.

‘Hi there. The picture above is me just chilling in my old owners’ front garden. I loved it here because the bins gossiped about the neighbour’s fridge. ‘White goods’ are a mattress’ natural nemesis. I sometimes go back there, but it makes me feel sad.

‘Higham Hill Road, E17 is one of my favourite places to hang out. It’s great for car watching. When it’s cold I bundle together with my cousins to keep warm. Being an abandoned mattress in Walthamstow has its ups and downs. Higham Hill Road has a lot of different cars, buses and motorbikes so there’s a lot to see.

‘Forest Road is great for watching cars and if you’re lucky you’ll see lots of police cars too. I like sirens. Me and my mate Jeff hang out in people’s gardens along Forest Road with a few beers. There are great off licenses on Forest Road which serve us even though we’re only two years old. Jeff is my best mate but sometimes he smells of wee.

‘Wellington Road, E17 is a lovely quiet road to make some mischief on without getting caught. This is me and my mates dissing some fridge. This fridge was abandoned even though it worked. LOL. Fridges are stupid.

‘My most favourite place in Walthamstow is this garden on Gloucester Road. I like pretending I can ride the bike, and my girlfriend Di (she’s the one I’m kissing) lives here. The bin keeps a look-out for council vehicles when we’re snogging.

‘Clarendon Road, E17 is the Hoxton of Walthamstow. You’re no-one unless you hang out here. It’s so cool that even celebrities copy the rare chic of the ‘Clarendon Clique’. I’m not cool enough to hang out here; something to do with the wrong kind of check. But I don’t care because the cars on that road are rubbish.

‘Pretoria Avenue has a great fish ‘n’ chip shop and some awesome cars. However there are many ASBO sofa gangs. Enter Pretoria Avenue at your own risk.’

Visit the Walthamstow (unofficial) Tourist Board for more abandoned mattri and please drop by the Gift Shop for mattress memorabilia.

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