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Ready, aim, fire: your pre-Olympic guide to Archery

Posted at 8:30 am, July 10, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics
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We’ve all made a bow and arrow out of an old paper clip, elastic band and pen cap, right? No? Just us then. Now ‘The Hunger Games’ have brought archery to everyone’s attention, with the focus on the fictional Katnis making it look like a piece of piss with her homemade bows, we’ve put together a few real life facts for you to clear up this Olympic-sized misunderstanding.

Converted: An ancient art dating back to the Pharaohs, once a vital means of survival and battle, enacted on the modern stage by bowmen with breathtaking powers of concentration and accuracy.

Confused: People standing still for ages, repeatedly firing arrows at the same round thing. Like darts without the larger-than-life characters.

Athlete to watch: South Korea’s Im Dong-Hyun is one of the world’s top archers despite the fact that he is legally blind. Jedi skills.

As seen in: ‘Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves’ (1991). You know it’s true…

Not to be confused with: Prose written in the style favoured by novelist Jeffrey Archer.

Almost useless fact: Archery is also known as toxophily.

Do say: ‘I expect the British toxophilites to perform better than their disappointing show in Beijing, especially with the extra millions ploughed into the team.’

Don’t say: ‘You’ll have someone’s eye out with that.’

For more info on Archery and the other Olympic sports, see timeout.com/olympics.

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