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Friday the 13th: 8 unlikely London lucky charms

Posted at 10:00 am, July 13, 2012 in Fun London

Ok, we’ll admit it, London isn’t always the easiest place to live. Busy streets when you’re late, armpits in your face on sweaty tube trains, infuriating road works, lost groups of tourists standing in your way etc etc etc. We could go on – but we won’t. In the spirit of being positive, what if you could turn all the unfortunate things that happened to you into a bit of good London luck? It is Friday the 13th after all…it is only unlucky for some…

Getting hit in the face by a pigeon
These winged Londoners can be very bad drivers. I have often had to hastily duck to avoid a filthy wing clapping me around the face. Similarly to having a bird shit on your head, this is a rare beautiful blessing encounter with mother nature.

Your bus randomly terminates early
and so will your bad luck. You might be stranded in the middle of nowheresville with no more money on your Oyster card and no way of getting home, but by god, you are one lucky ducky. We envy you. (This can also be applied to early terminating trains, tubes and contracts).

Stepping on a loose paving stone in the rain/being splashed by a bus or car
Yes, you may be wet, cold, dirty and publicly humiliated, but turn that frown upside down. This as a baptism by the elements. You are now cleansed and purified.

Sitting on chewing gum
It is sticky, disgusting and has been in someone else’s mouth and now it’s stuck to your jeans. Gross. Or so you think. This is actually an intimate little moment between you and some other Londoner in this anonymous city. Think of it as a prophecy for intimacy coming your way…

Arriving on a tube platform the moment the doors shut
We all saw the film ‘Sliding Doors’. Every time a tube door slides shut in our face, we think about what could have been. But trust in the magic of fate and think that you are avoiding something potentially yucky. Yes you might be late for work, but this is a lucky omen that what you want won’t pass you by.

You can’t find a seat in a bar
Don’t let that much needed pub visit be sabotaged by an absence of seating. This is an omen that a forthcoming opportunity is, much like a bar stool, worth seizing.

Leaving your cash in the cash machine
You might have walked away from your hard earned moolah and let some other scallywag make off with it but you will most definitely be rich in other ways.

Bumping in to an ex
This may feel like an affront to all your sensibilities, an awkward attack on an average day and as unlucky as it comes but with a simple twist of perspective, you could be witnessing the power of fate at work. With around 7556900 Londoners, there is definitely a higher power at work to make you bump into the one person you want to avoid. This is the most lucky thing of all and good things will now shower down on to you. Sonya Barber

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