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Exclusive video: When Todd Terry met Raf Rundell…

Posted at 10:30 am, July 24, 2012 in Music & Nightlife

It’s a simple idea. You get two music lovers, stick them in a battered old car, and get them to listen to and talk about the tracks that give them that spark. And it works a treat. Exclusively to Time Out you can watch one half of the 2 Bears, Raf Rundell, chatting old school hip hop with legendary house producer Todd Terry. It’s the second installment in a series of Ob/Sessions (geddit?) Raf has been working on with Topman Ctrl. The first featured bass head Toddla T talking about dancehall. Under a similarly moody London sky Todd Terry here covers ground from Eric B. & Rakim to Jay-Z, discussing how hip hop has informed his house sound. The New York DJ, producer and remixer is the man behind massive house hits including ‘Keep On Jumpin’, but he hasn’t forgotten the power of the breakbeat (even if he has forgotten some of the lyrics to Rakim’s verses). Watch it here first, and stay tuned for more editions in the same series.

For more info, see Topman.com/ctrl.

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