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International feast: Eat the Olympics

Posted at 10:00 am, July 26, 2012 in Food & Drink, Olympics & Paralympics
Eat the Olympics

As the worlds athletes prepare to limber up to the London 2012 Olympics, one couple are flexing a different muscle entirely- their stomachs. That’s right, while most of us simply cursed our misfortune in failing to secure tickets to the big games, Jack Hemingway and Sarah Kemp channeled their frustrations straight into food, pledging to quite literally Eat the Olympics. From now until the closing ceremony on August 12 the pair will be chomping their way through dishes from each of the 205 countries taking part in this summer’s games and awarding them Gold, Silver and Bronze medals accordingly. They’ve already devoured Kenyan Kuku Paka (silver), Samoan Masi (bronze) and French toast (gold). That said we feel they chickened out a little when it came to a number of countries, neatly sidestepping Korea’s national dish of live flailing octopus tentacles in favor of a little Kimchee and omitting Peru’s guinea-pig entirely. However, they are making up for it by hosting a series of supper clubs from July 28-August 12, each focussing on food from a different continent. Book now. Didi Mae Hand

For info, see eattheolympics.com or drop them a line on eattheolympics@gmail.com with any tips and recipes.

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