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How to dress like a Londoner: the Media Man

Posted at 9:15 am, July 29, 2012 in Shopping & Style
Media Man

Looking to assimilate with the natives this summer? Here’s our failsafe guide to recreating the city’s stand-out styles. Today ‘s look: the Media Man.

His natural habitat is the editing suites of Soho, the ad agencies of Shoreditch and the genius bar of the Apple store. He is rarely out of jeans and trainers – but don’t be fooled into thinking that means his outfit is effortless. A glimpse of expensive selvedge detail at the ankle reveals those jeans cost more than an iPad (of course he has one of those too), and that inconspicuous rucksack is of Swedish design and in a considered Farrow & Ball shade of puce. The key to his dressing is expensive anti-ostentation. Boastful branding is out, stealth wealth is in, so shoes are limited-edition £40 Vans rather than souped up Nikes, worn with logo-free bags, sleek cagoul and modern sunnies with clean lines, not gaudy Versace medusa heads on the arms. Reimagine your wardrobe as if Apple designed it for you – sleek, full of clever details and in need of a complete update every season.

Jeans APC, £110
Jacket Folk, £130
Helvetica T-shirt, American Apparel, £22
Shoes Simpson limited-edition Vans, vintage, £40 at time of purchase Ebay.
Backpack Fjallraven, £55
Headphones Aiaiai, £160

Haircut Murdock, £42.50

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