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Today’s Olympic news, travel, trolls, tears and #RejectedOlympicEvents

Posted at 6:10 pm, July 31, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics, Transport

Rings (from revengeoftherings.tumblr.com)
Today’s Olympic news from around the web:

As rows of empty seats are taking centre stage, one seat goes a step further with a heart felt plea for attention…

The empty seat @OlympicSeat

Olympic officials released 3000 tickets to the public but it seems the site hasn’t been playing ball.  Have you found buying tickets for the Games frustrating? Buzzfeed and Usability Hell give their perspective of what makes it such a painful experience.

Oh well, I guess the British Army, Jesus, Wally and a few of their friends will have to fill in the gaps:

Those empty seats are finally filled by /r/photoshopbattles

After Tom Daley and Peter Waterfield’s unfortunate slip at yesterday’s synchronized diving, Daley received some personal and uncalled for abuse on Twitter. Daley retweeted the troll’s abuse and in true social media fashion, Daley’s 800k followers hit back and the 17 year old abuser has his account suspended and has been arrested.

Meanwhile elsewhere on twitter, everyone got excited about #RejectedOlympicEvents. Our faves include:

#rejectedolympicevents #rejectedolympicevents

And finally, your sporting moment of the day:
Shin A Lim showed us that tears don’t get you a thing after her tantrum at the women’s fencing when a controversial decision left her crying on the piste for an hour.

Shin Lam fencing women's epee London 2012

And now for the practical stuff:

This evening’s travel news:
With events taking place at Wembley, North Greenwich Arena, Lord’s Cricket Ground, ExCeL and the Olympic Park, the Jubilee line is expected to be particularly busy.

The first evening Olympic Football match kicks off at Wembley Stadium at 7.45pm. This will mean that both the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines are expected to be exceptionally busy.

And for tomorrow, Wednesday:

The busiest times throughout the underground system will be 7.30-10.30am with National Rail services from Waterloo, Hampton Court and Richmond also being extremely busy.

Team GB medals so far: two silver, two bronze.

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