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Would you pass the London Citizenship Test?

Posted at 10:00 am, August 1, 2012 in Fun London
London citizenship test

With Friday night’s Opening Ceremony filling the nation with pride and the Games now in full swing, it’s not surprising that all of the capital’s residents are staking their claim to the city and pronouncing themselves as Londoners. But how much of a Londoner are you really? It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a lifelong commitment to the city or if you’ve only lived here a week, all a real Londoner needs is a love for the buzzing hub of cultural happenings – oh, and to have experienced some of them, of course. In this week’s Time Out Magazine, we’ve put together a quiz to find out how true your claim to capital citizenship is or if you’re new in town, see it as a check list of things to do. With some of the best tourist attractions, secret spots and a guide to proper London manners, it’s an essential read for everyone gracing our streets over the summer.

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