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Olympic travel woes – expectations vs reality

Posted at 6:00 pm, August 2, 2012 in Olympics & Paralympics, Transport
Olympic transport: expectations vs reality

Images: cosmorider87, Michael Goldrei.

Is it just us… or are things going rather smoothly so far?*

After Transport for London’s earnest pre-Games campaign to enthusiastically spread fear, uncertainty and doubt throughout the capital’s commuters, it seems that our transport infrastructure (and the venues themselves) are actually holding up rather well. In fact, plenty of people are saying London seems even quieter than usual.

So, what’s the explanation?

Are Londoners truly staying home in their droves? Were we successfully spooked into getting ahead of the games?
What if we all went back to acting normally tomorrow? Would everything suddenly go mad?
Or have Transport for London set their own world record: one for the lowest expectations ever set by a single marketing department?
Are they due a gold medal for the biPRathlon events of Underpromising and Overdelivering?

Or maybe, just maybe, it’s got something to do with those empty seats…

Give us your theory on the ‘Olympicaplyse That Hasn’t Quite Happened Yet’ in the comments, or tweet us @TimeOutLondon.

*Sorry if we’ve jinxed it.

= = = = =

Obviously, now we’ve said that, London’s entire transport infrastructure will collapse. But in case it doesn’t, here’s the travel news…

Late evening, from 9pm to close, is expected to be busier than usual. Consider retiming your journey to avoid the busiest times.
The Piccadilly and District lines will be particularly busy with spectators heading to and from Wimbledon and Earls Court.

Embankment station is expected to be very busy throughout the day with spectators going to Beach Volleyball (8.55-20.55)
Late afternoon to late evening will be a particularly busy time at the Marble Arch and Bond Street

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