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Curiolympics #1: distinctly unsporting events for Londoners

Posted at 10:00 am, August 3, 2012 in Food & Drink, Olympics & Paralympics
Distinctly unsporting events for Londoners

We’re all getting a bit tired of watching the TV rather than getting out there and achieving our own goals. Everyone’s good at something, so we thought we’d ask London bloggers CurioCity to come up with their own Olympic events. Today is the turn of the Fry-athlon. Don’t try this at home, kids…

“Think triathlons are a bit try-hard? If so, why not attempt the Fry-athlon? The challenge: three fry-ups in less than 1hr 48mins (the Triathlon World Record).

Grease up, slide into your lycra and make your way to Bar Bruno (above) on Wardour St, Soho. Order your first fry up and start the clock! Enjoy the cosy booths and the bustle as you wolf down your first plateful.

Gino's Coffee Bar

Once you’ve mopped up there, do a few squat thrusts and head to Gino’s Coffee Bar opposite Marylebone Station. Gino’s is a surprise haven in the chain-dominated landscape of the 21st century transport hub. Order your second fry up and knuckle down to it. Go gentle with the knife and fork; Gino has fine floral crockery.

Double Six Cafe

Finish off and mentally prepare yourself for the final leg of the event. Go to Double Six Café on Eversholt St, just off Euston Rd. This is a fine-looking place with green leather seats and handsome clusters of condiments on every table. But you can’t afford to focus on the décor. It’s a battle of wills now; mind over grease. Wrestle with that final hash brown and burst through the finish line. Careful of those arteries though. Don’t expect to break records on your first attempt, but if you put in the practice your efforts will eventually be rewarded.”

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