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Become a 2012 rock paper scissors champion

Posted at 12:30 pm, August 6, 2012 in Fun London

Lord knows that London’s athletes are well-represented this summer, but what of those of us whose throwing arms are not up to a paper toss and who aren’t even lithe enough to sit cross-legged at a picnic? Well, there’s a sport for us too, and it dates all the way back to that place of great personal and historical importance: the playground. You and your team can represent the country of your choice in the Team Olimpik Rock Paper Scissors 2012 Championships this August 8. Register your team, throw some finger shapes, win glory for yourselves and the country you are flying the flag for. We’ll take our chances on rock paper scissors over a hop, skip and a jump any day. Ashleigh Arnott

Register your team on the Team Olimpik Rock Paper Scissors Championship website.

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